Dre Davis

Clinton "Dre" Davis

Where are you now? 

Vancleave Middle School, Vancleave Middle School

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Dre Davis, and I am a graduate of the Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program at Mississippi State.

I discovered my passion for teaching early in life through the sport of football, which taught me dedication, leadership, and integrity, and my passion for English, which came naturally through my love to read books and write creatively. I believe that my ability to communicate and my passion to encourage others to build from the bottom up has become the drive that attracted me to this program. On the side of my passion for teaching, I love spending time with my church family and my biological family, hearing sermons, reading and studying the Bible, playing sports, writing music, singing, and playing various instruments.

What made you choose Mississippi State University?

I chose MSU because it was a place that I had grown up being able to come view the beautiful campus and enjoy activities such as football games  However, prior to receiving the MET scholarship and being in a family with three other siblings, coming to my dream school would have been difficult financially.

What was your favorite moment of your first semester at MSU?

One of my favorite memories of college was being blessed enough to have been on the rugby team for the first win over Alabama.

What activities or organizations were you a part of?

I was a member of the Mississippi State Rugby Club, where I enjoyed traveling and playing other SEC schools.