Shelby Edwards

Shelby (Williams) Edwards

Where are you now? 

Northwest Rankin Middle School, Flowood, MS

Tell us about yourself.

My hometown is Flowood, MS, where I attended Northwest Rankin High School. There I grew to love literature, writing, and even grammar to the point that I felt like it would be unjust not to share my passion with those around me. While the majority of my peers would dread writing the next paper or reading the next book, I looked forward to it and yearned for others to understand the importance of English. I always found myself encouraging a love for reading and writing to my fellow classmates, and I am thrilled to continue the pursuit to change negative views on English as I embark on a journey that will end with teaching high school students. There are no lengths that I would not go to in order to see a student that once struggled in my class eventually succeed in reading and writing. I look forward to seeing young people rise up who can speak articulately, read novels, and allow themselves to enjoy the beauty of English, and I cannot wait to be a part of making it happen.