Cassidy Swinney

Cassidy (Pitts) Swinney

Where are you now? 

Tupelo High School

Why is the MET scholarship meaningful to you? 

Without the MET scholarship, I would not be a graduate of MSU. I am the oldest of nine children, so college is something that I always saw as unattainable unless I worked enough to pay for it myself. I have always had a job, but the burden of having to pay for college all on my own was something that was extremely daunting. I thought that I would either not be able to pursue my dreams as a teacher or I would be in debt for an extremely long amount of time. This scholarship made it possible for me to pursue my dreams without the burden of debt.

What made you choose Mississippi State University? 

I felt completely at home the second I walked on to the campus. The way that the campus is constructed was what originally caught my eye. Upon taking a tour, I realized that MSU had more to offer than simply the most beautiful campus I had toured. My family members all are Ole Miss fans, so my choosing State was controversial to say the least. I just could not turn down a place where I felt like I could genuinely be at home and be myself.

What was your favorite moment of your first semester at MSU? 

My favorite moment of my first semester was going to Cowbell Yell. Seeing the school together for the first time all rallying to support our football team was wonderful. Hearing the speakers that talked about where our spirit came from and what it should mean to all of us really made me proud to be a Mississippi State Bulldog.

What are your interests and hobbies? 

My interests include dance, guitar, meeting new people, tutoring, and reading. I took dance for 14 years and taught classes for three. I now play guitar nearly every day. I love going to church and reading my bible. Studying is also something that I genuinely enjoy. I have never been someone who easily excels in school, so learning to love to read and study has been a big help.

What activities or organizations are you a part of? 

I was a member of Kappa Delta sorority and was on the governmental relations committee.