Caitlin Panter

Caitlin Panter

Where are you now? Columbus High School

Why did you chose MSU? I chose MSU because  of my love for Mississippi, the proximity  to my family, and the wonderful  education  opportunities that I was able to pursue there.

How did the MET Program enhanced your experience at MSU? The METP has given me a wonderful community  that I was able to connect  with immediately. That is so important  in college, especially  when you  first get there. Through  MET I was able to go to seminars, panels, and countless other  activities  that have helped me to develop  my identity  as a future  teacher, and has given me confidence  and insight. Also, it was such a blessing  to be able  to focus on the important things, like classes and community, instead  of feeling suffocated by student  debt.

What were some of your on-campus involvements outside of METP? I volunteered with the  equine therapy program at MSU. I loved the people  and the horses, and I learned so much! Also, I had a part time job over at the vet school.

Please share a funny moment/interesting fact about yourself. I love to play the flute when I can find time and space!