Ross Rodgers

Ross Rodgers

Where are you now? 

Olive Brand High School teaching 9th grade English.

Why did you choose to come to MSU?

I decided to come to MSU because I immediately felt at home here. My older brother went to school here and I visited him often while I was still in high school. The atmosphere was amazing, I immediately felt like I was home while I was on campus. Everyone was very welcoming and very friendly, the decision to come here was honestly very easy. I did not even bother applying anywhere else because I loved it here so much.

How has the METP program enhanced your college experience at Mississippi State? T

he METP program made a very immediate effect on my experience at state. As soon as I came in, I had joined what I can only call a family. I had friends immediately through METP and they helped me through the early stages of acclimating to new college life. Furthermore, the program was very supportive as the older members assisted us with choosing the best classes to take as well as helping all of us academically.

What are some of your on-campus involvements outside of METP?

I am a member of the honors college at State as well as a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Through the fraternity, I have done a lot of volunteer work such as work with animal shelters and raising canned foods for our annual Watermelon Fest. This past year, for instance, we we raised 126,000 pounds of canned food for Feeding America.

Please share a funny moment/interesting fact about yourself?

I found out that one of my fellow members of the METP program, Isaac Huckaby, is actually my cousin on my father's side. We had known each other for a solid year or so but never knew we were related until one day when my grandmother called me and asked me if I knew a guy my age that was also a Secondary Education major. I asked her if she could remember his name and she said his last was Huckaby. From then on, it has become a running joke between us that we're actually related.