Austin Elders

Austin Elders

Where are you now? 

Newton County High School, Newton, MS

Why did you choose teaching?  

I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in education because I had always loved being around people and helping them. Teaching involves both of those things, so it was a perfect fit for me.

Why are you passionate about teaching?

There is an awesome opportunity through teaching to be a positive influence on someone’s life. I believe this opportunity is extremely fulfilling. My high school baseball coaches influenced my decision to pursue a degree in education because they were positive mentors in my life and set good examples for me to follow now that I am a teacher. I decided to study English because I enjoyed literature and loved analyzing and thinking critically about what each piece meant.

What made you choose MSU?

I chose MSU because I had heard many great things about the Secondary Education program.

What activities do you enjoy outside of the classroom? 

I love working out and watching/playing sports.