Kate Hester

Kate Hester

Where are you now? 

Pontotoc Middle School, Pontotoc, MS

Why did you choose to be a teacher? 

I have always wanted to be a teacher, before I started kindergarten. I’ve always loved school, especially math, and I feel like school is where I can impact others’ lives most. I had an outstanding Algebra teacher in eighth grade and a great high school volleyball coach that fueled my desire to teach secondary math classes. Math has always come easy to me and I think teaching this subject is a good way to give back to those that may struggle with it.

What made you choose MSU? 

I’ve grown up going to State sporting events with my dad. It’s a tradition in my family to go to MSU and I’m the fourth generation Hester to attend this school. After listening to my dad talk about his time at MSU, I couldn’t wait to get to campus and make memories of my own!

What activities and organizations are you involved in?  

I was involved in the Baptist Student Union where I lead small groups and help run the social media accounts. I am also in the math club. I enjoy drawing, singing hymns, playing soccer.