Abbey Ragan

Abbey Ragan

Where are you now?

Hope Sullivan Elementary School, Southaven, MS

Why did you choose education?

I am a people-person so just being with my friends makes me the happiest person in the world.  I love getting into deep conversations about one's beliefs, struggles, influences, stories, etc.  I believe that talking through things is one of the best remedies and helps one cultivate their own mind and philosophy.  I also love films, art and music history, philosophical and classic literature, and going to concerts. I love English and would love to be an English teacher, but I felt called to be where my heart has been set on ever since I was a child.  I chose elementary education because my fondest memories of shaping into the person I am today came from my childhood.  Childhood is a special time filled with magic and valuable lessons; I wanted to foster that and help children become the person they wanted to be.

Why are you passionate about teaching? 

Ever since I was little I wanted to be a positive influence for children.  I wanted to be a Mrs. Honey (Matilda) or a Mr. Keating (Dead Poets Society) for every child.  I wanted to give a child a sense of home that teachers have always given me. My own teachers I've had and the stories I've read growing up (Dr. Seuss, Ronald Dahl, The Little Prince, Peter Pan) all have impacted me throughout my childhood and into adulthood.

What made you choose MSU?

Both of my parents went to Mississippi State, I was born in Mississippi, and all my family lives in Mississippi so it became an ideal situation for me to be in. It wasn’t until actually being on campus and meeting people that I started calling Starkville my home.

What has been your favorite part of MSU so far?

My favorite part has been meeting my best friends at State.

What activities and organizations are you involved in? 

I was involved in Day One Leadership Program and the Wesley Foundation.