Katie Hogan poses for a photo

Katie Hogan

Where are you now? Starkville High School, Starkville, MS

Why did you choose to come to MSU? I fell in love with the atmosphere on campus, especially on game days. I knew I wanted to be a part of it the first time I heard fifty-thousand cowbells ringing, and there was absolutely nothing like it. 

How did the METP enhance your college experience at MSU? METP gave me some great friends. It was comforting to know, as a freshman especially, that you already had a group that you belonged to and friends that were going through the same things that you were. 

What do you want people to know about you? I love, love, love to talk to people and learn about them. So if you're ever wondering if I want to talk to you, I do!

What were some of your other involvements on campus?  I served as a squad leader for the clarinet section in the Famous Maroon Band as well as a member of the Student Life Team. I was a College of Education ambassador, and I was also involved in several activities at the Wesley Foundation. 

Interesting Fact: I play guitar!