Laura Beth Thigpen poses for a photo

Laura Beth Thigpen

Where are you now? Batesville Middle School, Batesville, MS

Why did you decide to come to MSU and pursue a degree in education? I am from a small town in South Carolina where people never leave. The opportunity to study and further my education in another state was a dream of mine since I was little. METP gave me the chance to "fill my toolbox" with many resources, so I could share my passion to educate children and make a difference in their lives. MSU was welcoming from the moment I stepped foot on campus and gave me the family-like college experience I was hoping for.

How did the METP enhance your college experience at Mississippi State? METP made the transition into college fun and easy. METP helped to create friendships before ever coming to campus, and it gave a support system like no other. It both increased and strengthened my friendships and relationships with staff at MSU.

What do you want people to know about you? I am very passionate about everything I do. I give my all to furthering my education and the education of others. If anyone ever needs help, they can always call me.

What were some of your other involvements on campus? I was the 2018-2019 Mississippi State Association of Educators President. I was also a College of Education Ambassador.

Funny moment/Interesting Fact? I am missing a bone in my foot, so I only have 205 bones.