Reagan Cothern

Reagan Cothern

Where are you now?

Pisgah High School, Rankin County, MS

Why did you decide to come to MSU and pursue a degree in education?

I've always known that I wanted to be a teacher. From an early age, learning and education have been of tremendous value to me. My favorite subject both in and out of school was science. That was why I was so excitd to have the opportunity to share my love of STEM with students of my own someday. MSU was the natural school of choice for me to pursue this career. The university offers a progressive learning community at an affordable price. Attending MSU also provided the opportunity to be a part of METP. I was excited for all this program had to offer as I developed teaching skills that would help me become an educator with impact.

What do you want people to know about you? 

As a science and education enthusiast, perhaps what I am most excited about is merging my love for physics and learning through my career. I love my subject because it goes beyond reading a boring book or memorizing how to solve a problem; physics inspires creative problem solving within the real world. While studying physics, I have had the opportunity to build Tesla coils and cannons, mentor youth robotics teams and future engineers, and apply principles and processes I've learned outside of the classroom. I became a physics teacher not for a paycheck or for a lifetime of summer vacations, but to inspire students of my own.

What activities were you involved in (outside of METP)? 

I loved learning more about the MSU NASA Robotics Competition Team!

What advice would you give to entering freshmen or students finishing up high school? 

Nobody believes their high school teachers when they emphasize the importance of learning how to study. I learned this the hard way my freshman year at the junior college. College will require far more intensive studying than high school ever did. Remember those learning style surveys we all took in middle school? Research your learning style and learn associated study techniques. You'll be better off the sooner you start!