Brandon Demelo

Brandon Demelo

Where are you now? The Partnership Middle School, Starkville, MS

Why did you decide to come to MSU and pursue a degree in education? I chose MSU because it seemed like the natural option. It is a local university with a great reputation, plenty of opportunity for growth, and incredible staff. MSU just offers so much! Many of the teachers I looked up to during high school were MSU alumni. That, combined with the school's reputation for excellence made it the obvious choice for my teaching education.

What do you want people to know about you? I try to be knowledgeable in as many different subjects as possible so that I am better able to help people around me. Even though I am going to be an English teacher, I want to be able to (somewhat) help students with their math, science, or art. I believe that all educators should try the same. We expect students to be well rounded and to know a variety of subjects, so should our teachers.

What activities were you involved in on campus? I enjoyed the theatre.

What advice would you give to entering freshmen or students finishing up high school? I think it is important to ask for help. I saw many of my peers miss opportunities or dealines because they wouldn't ask a simple question. I wouldn't have been a recipient of this scholarship had I not asked how to find it. You will find that most people you ask are more than happy to answer your questions or find someone else who can. Asking that first question is a hurdle that, once taken, opens up many avenues to success.