Zachery Bettinger

Zachery Bettinger

Why did you choose to come to MSU and pursue a degree in education? It was the best fit for my education goals.

How has the METP program enhanced your college experience at Mississippi State? The METP program has introduced me to a few friends, and given me a preemptive view of the school. Coming here earlier for my METP interview gave me an understanding of the campus layout. I also met other METP scholars, and have made a few associates in our weekly meetings.

What are some of your on-campus involvements outside of METP? I like to host local board game parties. 

What advice would you give entering freshmen or students finishing up high school? Leave your dorm door open! You'll make lots of friends. 

Please share a funny moment/interesting fact about yourself.  I am an amateur artist, and spend lots of my free time drawing and painting.