Rebekah Comer

Rebekah Comer

Where are you now?

Stone Middle School, Wiggins, MS 

Why did you choose to come to MSU and purse a degree in education?

I knew since I was a little kid that I wanted to go to Mississippi State. My father graduated from State, so I grew up wrapped in maroon and white. Deciding to major in education took a little bit more time to decide. When I was in high school, my future career plans went in a million different directions. I wanted to be a lawyer, a writer, a performer, a journalist--you name it, I thought about pursuing a career in it. My junior year of high school I still didn't have any clear direction for my future career. However, I remember sitting in my English class and I was listening to my teacher hand out parts for our class to read through Arthur Miller's The Crucible when I realized that all of those things that I wanted to do with my life were incompassed in being an educator and that the little things that I thought were pulling me toward a multitude of different careers were actually pulling me toward being a teacher. 

How did the METP program enhance your college experience at Mississippi State?

METP gave me many opportunities that I would not have had without it.  The real-world teaching experience and the chances to learn from current educators gave me the tools to enter my own future classroom with confidence.  The friendships that I was able to make with like-minded students were without equal.

What do you want people to know about you? I absolutely love theatre! I'm a huge Broadway and musical theatre nerd. 

What were some of your on-campus involvements outside of METP?

Sigma Phi Lambda, Famous Maroon Band, Honors College. 

Please share a funny moment/interesting fact about yourself.

I caught a cup from Adam Levine at a Mardi Gras parade.

What advice would you give to entering freshmen or students finishing up high school? 

1. GO TO CLASS. Why pay for an education if you aren't going to actually get one?

2. Do the reading. Professors don't assign it just to waste your time.

3. Get involved right off the bat. Student organizations WANT you to join, and the first semester is prime time to make friends because everyone is new.

4. Don't be ashamed of things that you're interested in because there's a good chance other people will be interested in it as well!