Andrew Woodruff

Andrew Woodruff

Where are you now?

Richland High School, Richland, MS teaching math

Why did I choose to come to MSU?

When I was looking for a college, I wanted a place that will help me reach my goals academically, but it needed to also feel like home with the chance to meet new people and try new things. When I visited Mississippi State, I saw just how good the College of Education is and I loved that it is close enough to home but far enough away that I can experience college without constantly being around my family. State offered this for me so I knew that it was the college I wanted to attend and I have enjoyed every moment of it so far.

How has the METP program enhanced my college experience at Mississippi State?

The METP program has been a real benefit for me while I have been in college. By being in the program, I have been able to develop friendships with other fellow future teachers and I feel that is very important to have that ability to talk with other teachers and get more perspectives and teaching styles. The program has also been a real help by offering me the opportunity to get advising from a great advisor and older members of the program on what to do to be ready for college classes.

What are some of my on-campus involvements outside of METP?

I am a member of the Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity. I am currently serving a chair position within the fraternity while also serving as one of the houseboys at Phi MU Sorority. Finally, I am a member of the Shackouls Honor College.

A funny moment/interesting fact about myself. 

A few of my favorite things to do on campus this semester is to go to the Sanderson Center at 5:30 in the morning for workouts and practicing my skills with my jumping stilts around campus during various parts of the semester.