Our scholarship includes tuition, books, and fees for up to four years.  METP scholars also receive:

Room and Board: As a scholar, you will receive housing in a residence hall (or a housing allowance for those off-campus) and a campus meal plan.

Technology: The scholarship will provide $1000 toward the purchase of a laptop computer and printer during your first year in the program.

Study Abroad/Off-Campus Learning Experience: Following the junior year, you will have the opportunity to study abroad and gain multicultural perspectives on education.

Professional development: During the senior year, you will have the chance to attend a national teaching conference (e.g., National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

Cross-campus Learning: You will learn from faculty at both MSU and Ole Miss, meet METP students at both universities, and gain valuable contacts through four cross-campus visits during your freshman and sophomore years and a two-week residential institute during your sophomore year.

Scholar Seminars and Meetings:  While participating in the METP, you will be part of a cohort who will participate in required seminars and meetings designed to enhance your educational experiences throughout your program.

The total award amount of all scholarships, grants, or loans cannot exceed the published cost of attendance for Mississippi State University.