Krislyn Clinton

Krislyn Hunt (Clinton)

Where are you now?

Biloxi Junior High School, Biloxi, MS

Why did you decide to come to MSU and pursue a degree in education? 

Growing up, I always knew my heart was in education. I loved to learn, and I wanted to inspire others with my passion of learning. After my first year of community college, I thought about many different schools to attend. I spent many hours researching different education programs looking for my best fit. I made many school visits, but none of them quite compared to MS State. State was the school that just felt like home to me - which made sense. I've been a Bulldog fan for as long as I can remember.

What do you want people to know about you? 

I am such an extrovert. I will talk to anyone and everyone without thinking twice. I also have a major obsession with boots. I currently own 4 pairs of cowgirl boots (one with the MSU logo on them), a pair of work boots, a pair of rain boots, and a pair of hunting boots - giving me 7 pairs total. I still don't think that I have enough!! I'm actually kinda upset that I didn't have room for all of them in my dorm!

What activities were you involved in on campus (outside of METP)? 

I was a member of the Baptist Student Union among other activities!

What advice would you give to entering freshmen or students finishing up high school?

College can be intimidating at times, but don't let it scare you! These four years are literally the best times of your life. It's a time where you'll learn who you really are - what you want to do in life, where you want to end up, who you want to be around, who you want to be. Chase your dreams. Those dreams may change in a year, and that's okay, but you'll never know if they're meant to be if you don't try. Work your hardest, do your best, and everything else will fall into place.